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Cheap Massage

Cheap Massage?!

We realise that having a massage comes into the ‘luxury expense’ part of life and that even when you’ve got constant aches and pains, not everyone can afford to have a massage every week or even every month.

On the flip side of this, with the stresses and strains of the modern world, it is becoming more and more important for us to look after ourselves and take care of our minds and bodies to remain well, feel better and avoid time off work. This is even more important as we are now living longer compared to twenty or thirty years ago.

Does cheap massage = quality massage?

As we all learn over time, if something is too good to be true, it often is. The price of massage across the country can vary wildly from hundreds of pounds for an hour in exclusive clubs in the capital, to around the price of lunch for an hour with a trainee in some beauty salons up North. Cheap deals on massage tend to be given when therapists are training and while you may stumble upon someone who is a natural masseur, most of the time if you want the massage to sort out specific problems and remove deep rooted tension, you may come out of a ‘cheap massage’ more stressed than when you went in! Matt has 9 years massage experience and provides quality, tailored massage services for extremely reasonable prices, plus he offers block bookings at further discounts.

If you’re booking a massage, most of the time there’s an issue you need sorting

There are many different types of massage treatments that are provided nowadays to attend to every kind of massage requirement. Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massage are all great treatments if you simply want to relax, but to help get rid of tense muscles, trapped nerves and physical stresses that most of the time manifest from mental stress, hunching over a desk, overworking or driving long distances, sports or deep tissue massage is the way to go as it sorts out your muscle problems while also leaving you with a deep relaxation and a noticeable improvement in movement over the following days.

Sports or deep tissue massage is a fantastic way to get your body (and mind) into better shape and keep it that way long term. This type of treatment gets deep into the muscles and makes sure that as many of the thousands of muscle fibres in each muscle are working as they should be. A sports or deep tissue massage will increase health, mobility and productivity, both at work and at home.

As far as we are concerned there is nothing more important than being able to live life to the fullest so we have designed various blocks of massage sessions which will hopefully fit into most people’s budgets. Starting at just £18.50 for a thirty minute session, we aim to encourage more people to take stock of what’s important in life. We also have a recommend a friend scheme which can earn you free massages! See here for more information.

Matt Holland Fitness is available for sports or deep tissue massage from clinics in Chorley, Bamber Bridge and Ormskirk which are all easily accessible from across Lancashire. We also offer a home based treatment service.

To book in please give us a ring on 07912 754088 or visit our contact page.